Welcome to the rebel incubator

A journey into self – 52 weeks of guided journaling

Back in the day, you’ve had dreams and goals and then you fell in love, got into a serious relationship and maybe even became a mother. And you’ve enjoyed every bit of it so far – even the difficult days you know you wouldn’t change a thing.

Except along the way you’ve lost yourself and forgotten who you are.

There’s something stirring within you but it seems elusive and you just can’t get a hold of it.

Those dreams and goals you’ve had are still nudging you and you can’t help yourself by thinking that the time has come to do something about it.

The time to get honest about where you are and where you want to go but you feel stuck because you don’t even know who you are.

Welcome to the Rebel Incubator

A journey into self with 52 weeks of guided prompts.

And this is your invitation to go on an exploration of self – to uncover what brings you down while discovering what makes you tick.

Through the practice of writing and exploration of self, you’ll uncover your thoughts that get in the way and get a new perspective on life but also yourself.

No journey looks the same because healing, discovery, transforming and creating the freedom to be who you are is a personal journey.

The path back to you requires commitment and support so that you can embrace the shift you’re craving.

The Rebel Incubator

starts with 2 weeks of prep work. This is where you’ll go deep into assessing where you are, what’s not working and what you’d like to change.

After the two weeks, you will receive weekly emails for one year with journal prompts to know yourself, change habits and develop a mindset to reach your goals.

But that’s not all!

You’ll also get:


  • Goal Planner – so you can reflect on your year and set goals and make them happen.
  • Access to a library of worksheets and resources to download and print
  • Me on your side – email me with your questions and reach out for help.

I should warn you because the side-effects of journaling are:

  • getting to know yourself inside out 
  • discover thoughts, beliefs, and values 
  • connecting with your purpose and passion
  • tapping into your creative side
  • more clarity on your journey 
  • increased confidence 
  • making yourself a priority 

Here’s what you’ll need

Daily or weekly time for yourself

Computer and internet to download the journal workbooks

Printer & Binder for your journaling pages or just use the prompts as a reference and use your own journal

Optional: if you print you will need paper. I recommend cardstock if you want to use markers because you’ll be able to color the pages. If you prefer colored pencils regular printer paper will do.

For some of you, this may feel too big, too scary and yes sometimes you sign up for things you don’t finish.

But how much longer are you willing to keep yourself hidden from the world but more importantly yourself?

The investment is $147

OR 3 Payments of $49

The Rebel Incubator is designed to do it by yourself – but I am always an email away.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL – Due to the nature of this ecourse, without exception all sales are final.

Who is Petra Monaco?

When using labels these are accurate although not necessarily in that order:  Author, Artist, Immigrant, Survivor, Mom of 3, Introvert, Empath, Mindset Ninja, Former Foster Kid, Rebel.

And it’s also not out of reach to think that because of all these labels I had forgotten who I was. Although I must admit that I perhaps actually didn’t really know who I was ever. I was raised in the foster care system since I was 2 and that was my identity until I became a mom for the first time at 17.

Shortly after, I immigrated to the US and got married. Never really finding the time and space to discover who I am, what I liked and what I didn’t like.

And so for the longest time, I just kind of existed doing the things I thought I had to do rather than doing the things I wanted to do.

All that changed, however, when my youngest son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and we were thrown in the chaos that was our reality for a while.

What emerged on the other side a few years later was an unrecognizable me. One with confidence, vision, boundaries and I actually knew what I liked to eat.

Inside the Rebel Incubator you’ll get 

  • Goal Planner – so you can reflect on your year and set goals and make them happen.
  • Access to a library of worksheets and resources to download and print.
  • Me on your side – email me with your questions and reach out for help.